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What We Do

Our Mission: to empower you and heal the wasteland.

We are a Faery tradition of tribes and druids living in balance with nature. 

One of our main tenants is to understand things by asking lots of questions

What is Avalon?

A place in our world, sometimes in Glastonbury
A place in the dream-time, accessible by spirit journey
An ancient mystery tradition with a focus on healing

You may have heard of Avalon through Arthurian legends or popular fiction.  The Avalon Mystery Tradition is the modern name for one of the ancient religions of Western Europe and North America.  It is an indigenous or “Faery” tradition, with a focus on healing, one with its roots in native Dreamtime (sometimes called the otherworld), which we can access by spirit journey.

AVALON Shamanism

Who We Are

Sarah Wibberley is a druid in the Avalon tradition where she has been studying since 2003.  In 2009 she accepted her dream of calling as a Pathwalker (in other words, agreed to do extra studying/work around spiritual safety). She is also a Reiki Master (as of 2005) and has a Bachelor of Science in Health Information Science from the University of Victoria. She resides in Kanata, Ontario.

Sarah used to work as a data analyst/ project manager but is now a full time druid with some editing, home-making and volunteering with a community choir on the side.  She also uses a combination of modalities in her healing work and believes in ongoing study to find the best tools for each person.  She constantly adds to her repertoire (such as crystal therapy, integrated energy therapy, Tom Brown Jr. Philosophy) to integrate new facets of energy understanding and to deepen her teaching practice. 


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Sarah is not afraid to get deep and she'll do the work to get there. Sarah's focus has been an inspiration to me for years and I truly admire her commitment and experience with this path. Working with Sarah has given me the confidence to connect to my own inner wisdom and be brave enough to listen to the messages I'm granted to hear. Thank you for your compassion and dedication Sarah, you've given me more than you know.

               Michele, Avalon Student